Sports Photography & Videography

You Watch The Action While We Capture The Moment

Photographs and videos contain the best moments in any special event. Nowadays, anyone can capture photos and make videos with the help of smartphones and other gadgets.

However, nothing is better than the real expertise of a professional. An experienced sports photographer or videographer knows the right angles, laws of exposure, and proper timing for the shot. Following that is the detailed editing process! If you need a reliable professional who will take stunning photos or capture videos for your high school event in Kansas City, your best option is KC Action video and photo services!

Game Day Video Coverage, Editing & Action Photography

Take your event to the next level with KC Action video and photo services. KC Action is leading the way when it comes to enhanced sports and event viewing experiences.

There isn’t a game, event, or tournament, we can’t handle.

Arial Sports Photos & Videography

Drone footage of school campuses, stadium fields and event coverage from a bird’s eye view!

“Sports do not build character. They reveal it!”

Dan Kraemer

Let’s create something beautiful together.